USB speed of new DGND4000?

Does anyone know what the throughput speed of the USB ports on the DGND4000 will be when that is released?

The DGND3700 says "USB 2.0" but it doesn't say if that's standard USB 2.0 (12Mb/sec) or high speed USB 2.0 (480Mb/sec). I assume because it doesn't specifically say "high-speed USB 2.0" that means it uses the slow 12Mb/sec ports. (Anyone know if that is the case?)

It would be a shame to have Gigabit ethernet connection to your computer (with either router - 3700 or 4000) but choking that down to 12Mb/sec when trying to transfer files to/from the hard-drive(s) attached to the router's USB ports.
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Re: USB speed of new DGND4000?

What I can tell you is that USB transfer speed with DGND3700 is really slow. Enough for DLNA video streaming but clearly insufficient for writing/reading hugh files. It is about ten times slower than my gigabit Lacie NAS.

I have tested other routers with USB ports (i.e. Linksys) and the problem is the same.

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Re: USB speed of new DGND4000?

I have captured enough performance data in testing a separate problem on the DGND3700 to be pretty confident its USB ports are running 2.0 speeds. Its performance with a flash drive formatted NTFS is reasonable; if the drive is formatted FAT32, however, itts performance is abysmal.

Robocopy reports speeds approaching 3MBps writing to even a 2.5" HD that's NTFS.

When I was writing to the DGND3700-shared FAT32 flash drive I was seeing <30kBps. I did the same testcase sharing the same FAT32 flash drive from a five year old laptop and was writing to it faster than 1.5MBps.

Let's just say ReadyShare "has issues". Of the nine DGND3700 issues I'm working with NETGEAR support on, four are ReadyShare related.
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Re: USB speed of new DGND4000?

Hello everyone, Hi, i'm planning to buy a DGND4000 soon and the only thing i want to know is the reading performance for files stored on USB storage devices connected to the DGND 4000 because i have some blu ray ripped files with 40-60 mb/s rate and i would like to know if i can read them without any lag if they're stored on a USB drive connected to the DGND 4000

PS : i'm gonna read the files over wi-fi (distance between 15 feet to 60 feet)
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Re: USB speed of new DGND4000?


The previous posts in this thread should have answered your question. There are also other threads in the forums related to this. Just search for Readyshare or ReadyshareDLNA.

Also, please don't post the same question in multiple threads - it will not help you to get a quicker answer.
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