Re: Using a Cannon MG5520 & WNDR3400v2


Using a Cannon MG5520 & WNDR3400v2

I'm trying to print from my laptop to the printer.  The Cannon is connected to the router (WNDR3400v2) via the USB port since they're sitting next to each other (along with the modem).  The reason I want to set it up this way...there is more than five wireless device in the home; several of which it would be nice if they could all directly access the printer.  Instead of having to wire the printer to one PC and everyone using that one PC...not a great idea with three family members working on school work/projects.  The printer and PC work fine when the printer was connected via USB, so I know it's a router issue.  Even with the printer connected to the router, I can't see it connected...though I can see the one other PC that is connected via ethernet cable.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Using a Cannon MG5520 & WNDR3400v2


To minimize headache, I'd connect the printer wilrelessly giving printer a fixed IP address.

This way it'll be more stable and all devices can use the printer. Just devices should have

printer driver installed. 

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Re: Using a Cannon MG5520 & WNDR3400v2

Guess that's the best solution then.  What is the USB port for on the back of the router?  Thank you for the help/suggestion.

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Re: Using a Cannon MG5520 & WNDR3400v2

The USB port can be used for a printer or an external hard drive.

But as previously mentioned, it's better to just connect your wireless printer to the signal of the router.

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