Using a WNR2000v3 as wireless AP

Hi, I want to use my Netgear wnr2000v3 as a wireless access point. I want the AP to be downstairs while the main router (Motorola 3347 (dsl)) is upstairs. Am I able to do this without a physical connection between the two routers? Seems kinda pointless to have this type of functionality on a router and be forced to connect the two, and I really don't want to purchase and run 50 ft of ethernet through my house - defeats the purpose if you ask me.

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Re: Using a WNR2000v3 as wireless AP

What you are describing is wireless repeating, which most access points can do, and whilst some wireless routers can do it, not all of them can. The point I want to make to you is this - a router is designed to be a router, and a wireless access point is designed to be a wireless access point - two vastly different tasks. A wireless router is a router with an integrated wireless access point, and because of this, most wireless routers can be made to function as a wireless access point - however it will offer neither the full feature set of a router nor a wireless access point. There is a time & place to use wireless repeating, and a time & place to run that Ethernet cable and use a wireless access point, and in nine cases out of ten, running the Ethernet cable will provide better results. Be aware that in most cases, wireless repeating will cut your throughput to all devices connected to the repeater by 50%

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