Using fixed IPs instead of DHCP WNDR3400


Using fixed IPs instead of DHCP WNDR3400

I'd like to put some users of my network on a schedule (shut them down from midnight to 6AM), but leave other users with fulltime access. So I set the WNDR3400 to make DHCP assignments up to X.X.X.99, and then I set up my computer (TCP/IPv4) with a fixed IP of X.X.X.100. I set the subset mask to and the gateway to X.X.X.1. The router sees my computer, and the computer works fine on e-mail and Skype, but neither Internet Explorer nor Firefox are able to go to a Web address. I get the symbol in the tray that says I have network and Internet access, but the browser just won't complete. What am I overlooking? Is it with the router setup or am I missing something on my computer? Thanks!
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Re: Using fixed IPs instead of DHCP WNDR3400

electrojim wrote:
.... X.X.X.99 ....

There's no harm/danger in posting Private IP addresses here, e.g.

Did you remember to set the DNS addresse(s) in the static IP settings? Typically the IP address of the router (gateway), but can be set to any DNS you are able to access.
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Re: Using fixed IPs instead of DHCP WNDR3400

Thanks, Andy,

You are absolutely right, I'd failed to fill-in those blanks. Somewhere on the Web I found that the Preferred DNS Server can be set to, and the Alternate to As soon as I did that, things worked just fine.
The reason I put Xs to show my IP isn't a stealth issue, but some time ago my Netgear router defaulted to its own IP or and assigned IPs for all devices in that same format: throgh Someone else on this group beat me up for not re-initializing the router and getting back to 192.168.etc., but it's working so well as-is that I hate to rock the boat. If there's a good reason to set things 'straight' again, I'd be happy to do so, but prefer to leave sleeping dogs lie.

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