VPN CLIENT not working


VPN CLIENT not working

Please bare with me as I'm not a techie Smiley Surprised but have recently obtained the 3700v2 to replace my old USR router.

The 3700 is working like a charm however I try to hook up my work notebook but can't get the VPN client up and running. On the "old" USR I did not experience these issues Smiley Sad

Our company has installed: Endpoint Connect Version NGX R72 from CheckPoint.

I have gone through this forum and tried several things, like as suggested by JMizoguchi but no luck. Also tried to enable DMZ to my notebook IP, but no luck either.

I have tried both WIFI and wired.

Any tips or trics from you would be appreciated so I can get back to work Smiley Very Happy

Many thanks
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Re: VPN CLIENT not working

Same issue here. I have a Linksys BEFSX42 (hardware VPN). It worked fine through my Netgear FVG318 with no configuration needed, but not through my 3700. I have internet connectivity on my work computer, but not VPN connection.

Have you had any resolution to your issue?
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Re: VPN CLIENT not working

If you connecting to fvs then should connected fine
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June Mizoguchi-
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