VPN Issue WPN824 v2


VPN Issue WPN824 v2

Hello everyone,

I am stumped. I am attempting to establish a PPTP connection between two home computers. When there are no routers used and windows firewall on I can establish the VPN connection. I then used a Linksys router on the one computer and left the other computer without a router. I was able to establish a vpn connection and access shares still. My problem is when I connect the WPN824 v2 Netgear router thats when it tells me unable to establish connection. By process of elimination I have centered in on the fact it is the WPN824 v2 stopping me from establishing a connection. I have enabled port 1723 and forwarded it to the vpn server. However when I try to connect using the WAN IP it tells me I am unable to connect. I am using the built in windows vpn server and client. If anyone could help me learn what I am doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it. Any more information needed please ask.

Thank you
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Re: VPN Issue WPN824 v2

Figured it out. Ports 50 and 51 had to be open.
Jeez that was a headache. Thanks for anyone that viewed this.
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