WDNR 4500v2 permissions

I am trying to diagnose what I think are permission issues with a USB drive connected via readyshare. Hardware is a WDNR4500v2 router, WD My Book 3T USB drive, PC's are all Windows 8. Router permissions are set to all/no password. When I try to edit premissions on the drive itself through Windows I can access the security settings and they are set to "this folder only". I am assuming they need to be set to 'folder, subfolders, and files' but when I make this change and click 'apply' it reverts back to 'this folder only'. I am not the person that setup this router and drive initially but I have inherited the problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Re: WDNR 4500v2 permissions

Here is the link from NETGEAR web article on how to edit permission for ReadyShare.
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