WGR614v7 Slow Upload speeds


WGR614v7 Slow Upload speeds

Hi everyone. I have a WGR614v7 and the upload speeds are really slow. The ping is 379ms, download speed is 6.91mps and upload speeds are 0.15mps. i was told that its probably a firewall issue. Does anyone have any advice on how best to fix the firewall so my upload speeds are back to normal? I really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.
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Re: WGR614v7 Slow Upload speeds

I suppose you are referring to your speed on the internet? I suppose you are also referring to wireless and not wired? What is the upload and download speed provided in your ISP package? Since you mention firewall, what firewall are you using? Have you tried scanning to see if you can find a better channel?
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Re: WGR614v7 Slow Upload speeds

first.. what is the exact broadband packages you have with your ISP?

most ISP will not have faster upload speed has your download.
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