Re: WNDR 4500 Wont Power On


WNDR 4500 Wont Power On

I unplugged my Router to move it to a new room and now it wont power back on.  It's dead.

Let me take the roactive approach and answer a couple of questions before they come:

1. Yes, the power supply still works, I tested it with another device and the power supply brick from the N900 does supply power

2. Yes, there is power at the outlet I plugged into

3. Yes, I toggled the power button on the back of the router


My only conclusion is that the unit is dead - no lights no response, nada.  I've had it a couple of years so it's out of warranty.  Can it be fixed?




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Re: WNDR 4500 Wont Power On

Welcome to the community, @holsen1

Sorry to hear about that, I'm afraid that it cannot be fixed anymore since there are no lights on it.

You will have to get a new router. Here's a list of routers to choose from.



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Re: WNDR 4500 Wont Power On

Does the other device draw as much current as the 4500? (Mine can get quite hot)... If the brick is the same voltage and current as the one your other device uses, then you could even try using the brick from the other device.


If you know someone who tinkers with electronics then it might be worth getting it looked at... Assuming the psu is 100% then it could be the switch, plug (on router), or the input caps.


So yea, it could possibly be fixed, but if your going to pay someone to look at it then its probably not worth it.  If your not okay working on electronics then buy something new.


If I plug new Netgear kit here will I get kudos?...


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Re: WNDR 4500 Wont Power On

Thanks for that.  Yeah, I tried swapping both power supplies back and forth and can say both worked.  It's the router.  I recycled it and dropped the big buck and picked up a tri-band AC router.  Works great but it was spendy!

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