WNDR3300 Connectivity Issue


WNDR3300 Connectivity Issue

My cable internet went out for a short amount of time, and since it regained service, my router has had connectivity issues. If I plug into the modem, I am able to have internet connectivity. I do not have internet connectivity if I plug into the router. Windows 7 is claiming that there is an issue with DNS.

I have tried the following:
1. Use a DNS from OpenDNS
2. Reset router
3. Unplug power from router
4. Unplug power from modem

None of these options have worked. Any help is much appreciated.
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Re: WNDR3300 Connectivity Issue

You may want to make sure that you have the latest firmware update for your router model. I had the same issue, and it turns out that I just didn't have the firmware version update that fixes Windows 7 compatibilty issues. You might want to download all the firmware updates NetGear has released for your router and reapply them starting with the earliest firmware version to the latest. Make sure you are Hard Wired via Ethernet to the router during the update process.My router has had a total of four firmware updates, which I reapplied, layering them onto the router one at a time. I am now using my, once thought to be useless WNDR3300-100NAS rotuer again with Windows 7 and no more problems. If you have the same router that I do, you'll need to download updates WNDR3300_V1.0.26_1.0.26NA, WNDR3300_V1.0.27_1.0.27NA, WNDR3300_V1.0.29_1.0.29NA, and last, but not least WNDR3300-V1.0.45_1.0.45NA firmwareupdate version files. Just save them somewhere on your PC, connect your router via Ethernet, login to your router, and manually apply each of the udates to it. The most recent firmware update (WNDR3300-V1.0.45_1.0.45NA) resolves Windows 7 compatibility issues that exists with some of these routers. They were initially designed to be capatible with only Windows versions up to Windows Vista.
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