I performed the firmware update last night which had a serious functionality problem that could not be cured by Netgears third rate support. I can't stress enough how terrible Netgears tech support was at solving this problem... absolutely horrible! I went through three different support techs and each one was progressively worse. The second rep did not do anything but try to charge me for premium support. They could not figure out the issue so they offered me "premium" support where they would remote access into my PC and charge me to "fix" the problem or grant me an RMA where then I could send back my unit. Seems like a scam to me! Charge me for tech support for a product that is supposed to have a warranty? :mad: Enough of the rant, lets get to the point.

After the update, wired computers would work perfectly until my wireless computers tried to connect. After wireless computers connected, access to the internet failed for all computers. I duplicated this problem no less than 10 times before finally reverting to which fix the issue. My router is back to normal and I am happy with no help from Netgear.
I must say, I don't care how good Netgear products are, if their support can not back it up I will no longer be a customer anymore. I have supported Netgear for over 10 years but after this customer support experience I am 100% done with them.

Thanks for reading!

Thumbs down for Netgear Tech Support :mad:

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Thank you for the suggestion about reinstalling the prior firmware.

After a few months of being told there was an update, I went ahead and decided to update the firmware. BIGGEST MISTAKE! Immediately had issues afterwards - internet would work, then stop working after a few minutes. Tried changing settings - would work for a minute, then back to not working again. Even my wired computer would not work. And yet, it said the internet was connected, just had no access. Was on the line with Verizon who then referred me to Netgear. Had a wonderful tech who did not charge me for the tech support (because it was my first time) but could not get it working again. Had me call back Verizon to be placed on Bridge Mode. Netgear tech was taking too long to call me back so I tried calling netgear using my case # - they couldn't find it. They assigned me a new number and gave me a tech who was absolutely RUDE and NASTY! Insisted I pay the support fee and couldn't understand why the first tech would have not charged me. When I asked to transfer to a supervisor, he kept me on hold for 1/2 hour! The first tech finally called me back (thank goodness!) and helped fix everything. We were good to go.

The next day, the same problem was back. Was on the phone with Verizon again, they helped me get it back up running again. 10 minutes later, the same issue again. Called back Verizon and the tech helped me get it back working again but asked me to consider a verizon router instead. Ended up getting one sent to me for FREE! Smiley Happy But it would take a few days to get here.

Next day, same problem again.

So I searched to see if anyone had the same problem - YUP! Saw your message and knew from the beginning that was what I had wanted to do, but I couldn't remember the original firmware #. So glad you had it in your note! Smiley Happy Connected the modem directly to the computer and found the firmware, downloaded it, and connected everything back before I reinstalled it.

Everything is working fine now, thank God!

You bet my surveys for Netgear contained both good AND bad reviews! Smiley Wink

Thanks again! Once I get that new router, I'll be sure to get away from netgear!
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