WNDR3400 and XB360 S


WNDR3400 and XB360 S

So I just upgraded my wireless router with the WNDR3400. I wanted to take advantage of the N signal since both my Xbox S and Boxee Box have the capabilities to do so.

Have everything set up, but the Xbox and the Boxee cannot see the N signal.

Both the 2.5 and 5.0 signals have different SSIDs, so there's no confusion there.

Both the Xbox and Boxee can see the 2.5 signal, but not the 5.0.

Anyone have any ideas of what I can do to make the 5.0 signal visible?

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Re: WNDR3400 and XB360 S

It seems that you are mistakenly assuming that 5GHz means that its "n".

In actual fact, both the 2.4 and 5GHz bands are capable of broadcasting at "n" once you have select an "n" speed (eg. 145Mps or 300Mps). Setting up SSID on 2.4 or 5GHz just determines the frequency or band that you have set up your network on. One of the major differences is that 2.4GHz has greater range but is more prone to disturbances (eg. strong neighboring networks). 5GHz on the other hand has less range but is less prone to disturbances. Nothing you can do about that - that's just how these frequencies/bands work.

In you case, you can pick up the 2.4GHz signal but not the 5GHz one. Nothing wrong with that really once it works well.

If your Xbox and Boxee does not have a dual band wireless reciever then you will not pick up the 5GHz signal. Again, nothing wrong unless using 2.4GHz causes problems for you. Smiley Happy
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Re: WNDR3400 and XB360 S

Xbox slim has 2.4ghz only last time I look the spec
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