WNDR3400 problems...


WNDR3400 problems...

Hi all, I have a WNDR3400v1 wireless router that has recently started giving me some problems.

Keep in mind, I'm no computer whiz or anything like, just average knowledge.

Whats happening, is we seem to notice that wireless signal keeps dropping, then coming back again, dropping, coming back. However, the computers that are connected to the router via ethernet cables never drop internet connection. It's just the wireless devices, the signal itself seems to be shutting off and back on.

I first noticed this about a month ago, so I unplugged the power to the router, left it off for about a minute, and then plugged it back in. Problem solved, worked fine for a couple of weeks, then it did it again. I again shut down power, worked fine for a few days and started doing it again. Etc.

Now it seems that its at the point where the unplugging the power, and plugging it back do no longer are helping. The wireless signal is there, then it's gone. When the signal is there, my devices (iPad, iPhone, etc) CAN connect to the internet, but the signal keeps dropping every minute or so.

Anyone have any ideas? Is this thing just basically wearing out maybe? I bought it in late December of 2010.

Thanks in advance..

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Re: WNDR3400 problems...

To begin with, you are still within the warranty period - very important!

I may be wrong, but based on your description of the problem, I would say the wireless radio has failed.

The best advice would be to open a case at describing your problem. You should do this through e-mail since you would not have free telephone support after 3 months. Their level 1 support will most likely lead you through the standard tra-la-la and ask you to reset it, etc., etc. Just do as they say because that's what they are paid to do. Eventually, when your case is unresolved, request RMA. You may even have to ask to have your case elevated to level 2 support (who are more knowledgeable and competent) before you can request RMA. This could all take a while. (Maybe 2 weeks?) Just be patient. Good luck! Smiley Happy
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Re: WNDR3400 problems...

I bought it in late December of 2010.

1. possible hardware failure with "internal wireless of the router" and/or weaker power supply also can cause issues and sometime ON/OFF can repair temporary.

2. I doubt you will have channel interferences issues but never hurt to at least know your surrounding by this tools.

sometime saturated 2.4Ghz band will cause the router to behave erratic as well so check it how it goes..

3. Since you only have small windows for RMA exchange, regardless of continue to use forum, go to and documents right away.
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