WNDR3400 randomly quits allowing some, but not all connections.

I have been having this problem since the day I bought it and hate to get rid of it because it works great when it's working.

I haven't narrowed it down yet, but I have some device that can't connect out of the blue until I reboot the N600 and then it starts working again.
I have a tablet that connect over 2.4 and it appears to just connect/drop/connect/drop over and over and won't ever stay connected. Once I reboot the N600 everything starts working again.
Yesterday, my laptop couldn't connect over 2.4. In this case it appeared to stay connected but no Internet access. I then tried the 5.0 ghz and it connected and worked fine. I then tried guest 5.0 ghz and it worked fine as well. The 2.4 still would work. I rebooted the N600 and then it started working over the 2.4 as well.
I have a couple of devices hard wired into the N600 and they appear to always work. I'm not positive because I've become so used to just rebooting the N600 when it happens...but seems like it's always the 2.4.
Iphone 4s and 5 act the same way....connects and reconnects over and over until I reboot the WNDR3400.

Any ideas or suggestions? (I have 2.4, 2.4 guest, 5, and 5 guest wireless turned on).
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Re: WNDR3400 randomly quits allowing some, but not all connections.

if 5Ghz has less issues over 2.4Ghz then you should look into channel interference issues

2.4Ghz only has limited channel that you can use.

1,6,11 and 13 for Europe.

I would check on 2.4Ghz saturated issues.
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