WNDR3400v2 1000 ms lag/ping

Hi all, let me start by saying that I know ping questions are usually unanswerable but let me give this a try just in case. My router is set up in my parents house in the most basic configuration possible. It gets internet from a simple Scientific Atlanta 2100 cable modem. The router is wired to an imac and a printer. And wirelessly connects an ipad and windows laptop. It starts out fine with a speedtest ping of ~15 ms. After 10 minutes or so though the lag goes up to 700,800 or even 1000 or more ms. I restart the router and it goes back to normal. It happens every single time. The lag shows up in both wired/wireless devices. The routers firmware is up to date, there are no wacky configurations. I have simply no idea as to what it could be, any thoughts??? Thank you!!!
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Re: WNDR3400v2 1000 ms lag/ping

I'm seeing the same thing. Long ping times along EVERY HOP all the way to Google, Yahoo, etc...
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Re: WNDR3400v2 1000 ms lag/ping

nirakara - what's missing from your question, and that immediately makes it unanswerable, is the host that you are pinging - if it's a host on the internet as I suspect it is (ping times on the local LAN are usually less than 15mS), then you need to do more investigation to determine the cause of the problem. sak440 - you're apparently not using ping, more likely a traceroute - what's the first hop time - the one to your router? What about the second hop - the one between your router and the ISP? Situations such as these are often caused by "congestion" - too much traffic on a given link, and the challenge is to find that link and control the traffic through it. You obviously only have control over the traffic on your LAN. Try pinging both interfaces on the router in and comparing the response times - this may help show if the router itself is the bottleneck (it rarely is), and if the router supports SNMP, get yourself a traffic grapher and look at bandwidth utilization, see if the periods of high response time coincide with high traffic flow.

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