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WNDR3400v2 setting up a wireless camera

Hello all,

I have a Tenvis IPCam set up successfully in the respect I can see and access it on the network. I have been trying to set this up so I can access it from the internet but have had no luck in the attempt.
Could someone please guide me in the proper steps to take and/or the proper settings to make in the router?

Thank you all
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Re: WNDR3400v2 setting up a wireless camera

The steps would be;

• Set the camera with a static IP address (within the cameras own configuration settings) or use the router Address Reservation function, I recommend using Address Reservation
• If the camera has the option to set a port number then do so, use a value higher than 1024 e.g. 12345. Some cameras have the option for two ports e.g. 80 and a user defined one. If your camera only allows for one port then you would access the camera locally (on your LAN) at something like http://192.168.1.x:12345
• Set up a port forward rule e.g. incoming port 12345 to the camera IP address 192.168.1.x
• Set up a DDNS service e.g. DynDNS (or maybe No-IP if your router supports it), many IP cameras also provide a DDNS option which can be used instead of using the same router function. After this you would access the camera externally at the DDNS address e.g. http://my.camera.no-ip:12345
Many Netgear home grade routers do not support loopback, if the ‘3400 does not then you would need to test the external connection via an external link e.g. a 3G/4G mobile browser connection.

If you run into problems, please post back, also post the model number of your camera, and your modem (since many DSL modems are also routers and can interfere with the whole process until put into Bridged Mode).
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