WNDR3400v3, bridge mode?


WNDR3400v3, bridge mode?

I've got a Motorola SB6120 with my WNDR3400v3 hooked up to it. I've also got a Motorola SBG6580. I would like to bridge the modems together in order to double my internet speed. How do I go about doing this, and is it possible with what I have?

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Re: WNDR3400v3, bridge mode?

If you were hoping to join both modems to make one fat pipe to the Internet (i.e. load balance), then that's not really possible with what you have. There are hacks that you can try on a PC with dual NICs or with static routes but they are clunky.


Your best bet is to install a router with support for load balancing. These are usually considered business-class products. Do a web search for dual WAN router. You'll find models from the major brands that are less than $150.  Even Netgear has a few options. Here is an article from that might be helpful.

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