WNDR3400v3 - slow wifi speeds


I have a WNDR3400v3 that is giving me slow wifi speeds. I did quite a bit of troubleshooting before I came to post for help so please bear with me.

I first had Verizon Fios and was getting ~40mpbs over wifi with a 50-55mbps wired speed. Pretty good. I then switched to Comcast, which has a wired speed of 105-120mbps, and am now getting ~23mbps over wifi. So the speed is there, it just isn't making it through wifi.

To reduce chances of interference, I started testing changes over the 5ghz radio. I used an app on my phone to make sure there are no other 5ghz wifi signals that might conflict. I am in the same room as the router, nothing in the way, and about 10 ft away from the device during my tests. I've tried every channel and every mode. I've tried turning off multi media sharing. I verified QoS is off. I've updated firmware on the router. I've updated network cards on my computers (yes, I've done all this with my work and personal computers). I've hard restarted (unplugged for 30+ seconds) many times. As far as I can tell, I have literally tried everything.

I talked to their customer support and after them telling me to try a few things, they want to replace my device, which would require me to ship them my device and once they recieve it they will ship me another. Not only is this a ridiculous procedure, but it would require me to be without wifi for days, if not weeks, and I need my wifi. So, in lieu, I went to Best Buy and bought the same device. I daisy chained my new router to the old router. Wired connection took a hit (no biggie, still in about the 90s). I then went and retried all my tests on this new router to the same results.

Does anyone have any idea why the router isn't performing? It should be good up to 300mbps. This is driving me insane.

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Re: WNDR3400v3 - slow wifi speeds

As an update...

I returned the second router I bought and bought a Belkin to see what would happen. On default settings, I'm getting ~80mbps, with the daisy chained set up I described above. So clearly the wifi on the netgear devices was the issue. Still having that issue, though.
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Re: WNDR3400v3 - slow wifi speeds

I have this same issue. My WNDR3400v3 has slow wife speeds. I know it is the router because I get faster speeds when I am hotwired to the internet. No one has answered what to do for this issue?
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Re: WNDR3400v3 - slow wifi speeds

I have run into this same issue. After spending time with my provider's tech support and live Netgear chat support here is what I learned:

1. Speed can be improved by going to the Router Admin-> Advanced > Setup > QoS Setup. Then uncheck "Enable WMM (Wi-Fi multimedia) settings" and click apply. This should give you a bump in performance.

2. You will never be able to match the speeds of a wired connection. You will generally take a 50% performance hit for connecting wirelessly. This is true of all routers. You can spend a lot more money and take less of a hit, say 30%, but it will never be the same. I did a live chat with Linksys support and they confirmed the same with their products. If you want to max out your speed you have to connect via an ethernet cable. You can connect via a cable to your router, doesn't have to be direct to the modem, but it has to be wired.

Hope this helps.
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