WNDR3700 and Comcast Arris Interactive tg862g


WNDR3700 and Comcast Arris Interactive tg862g

I have been unable to internet access working using my Netgear WNDR3700 with the Comcast modem in bridge mode. I am using the defaults in the Netgear router. I have the Netgear connected to the Arris using the Internet port. I have also tried disabling DHCP on the Netgear and tried to use the 4 port switch. Any ideas or experience getting this setup so I can use my Netgear for my Wifi AP and the handy USB port for my shared drive?
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Re: WNDR3700 and Comcast Arris Interactive tg862g

Comcast device needs to be in router mode and 3700 in ap mode. 


BUT as I remember nitgear had (still does have) some pig headed engineers who I told numerous times that the AP mode was broken depending on FW versions. I stopped using my 2 3700 and never followed up.


To avoid all that BS I would disable DHCP and connect via LAN port But in doing this I think the share stuff is disabled, Not sure?


The other is to try loading FW from support until you find one that supports AND ACTUALLY works using AP MODE and WAN as the connection to it from router.

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