WNDR3700 as AP and it "disappears"


WNDR3700 as AP and it "disappears"

I have recently switched my ISP from cable to FiOS, where I have to use the supplied FiOS router for WAN access. Unfortunately, the FiOS router is both slower in wireless AND only 10/100 wired. I absolutely need the faster speeds of the WNDR3700 for video file transfers on the LAN, so I am working on using it as a second router or AP.

Problem 1:
When set up as AP, it just disappears from my network. It still works fine for connectivity (both wireless and wired), and it passes me through to the the FiOS router for WAN OK, but I cannot see or access the WNDR3700 directly in any way. Even a ping to the new router IP does not work. In addition, W7 network map cannot see it (just shows "?").

For reference, my FiOS router is x.x.1.1, DHCP range 1.200-1.254, I have a Linksys router as AP at x.x.1.2, and the WNDR3700 as AP at x.x.1.3. the Linksys AP shows up as normal on the network map - it is only the WNDR3700 that disappears!

Problem 2: I use an external laptop HDD for USB storage on the WNDR3700, but when I switch it to AP mode, the USB storage is 'gone".

Any ideas on how I can fix these two problems? Thanx!
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Re: WNDR3700 as AP and it "disappears"

Update - still fighting this thing, and it seems as if it might be just one of the MANY firmware problems. When in the AP mode (set from Wireless settings), the router seems to go through constant "half boots". By that, I mean that just by looking at the lights and monitoring the network connections on a PC, it gets almost set up, then all the ethernet port lights go out (but not the other indicator lights), the NICs loose connection, and then it starts over. Sometimes this cycle gets far enough along to allow a couple of machines to see each other for a second or two, and sometimes not.

Connecting the WNDR3700 to the primary router during this constant cycling slows down the process just a tad - long enough to briefly be able to sign in to the router before the connection is cycled again.

A further problem is that it is almost impossible to use the reset button to restore factory defaults while it is doing this! I have managed to do power cycles and hard resets four times so far, and the problem repeats identically every time - as soon as I enable AP mode (manually specifying the new IP address and gateway), the constant cycling starts.

For reference, I am using the 16.98 firmware - put it on a number of months ago to solve the problem of not showing the attached devices.

I paid way too much for this piece of junk router to just throw it out. The speed is excellent when I can get it to work, so I hope someone has some ideas on how to get past this problem.
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Re: WNDR3700 as AP and it "disappears"

I am experiencing the same problems.

Using a Dlink DIR-100 as modem/router to connect to a DSL line.

As soon as I am going into AP mode, the router can not be found under its IP (that works in router mode).

DHCP disabled in Netgear, using DIR-100 as DHCP server.

Even in router mode, I see the constant re-initialization of all ports and speed drops.

This limits speed over DSL to 8 Mbps, after reboot it is for a very short period of time 13 Mbps. From non-wireless ports connected to DIR-100 13 mbps.

Firmware is


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Re: WNDR3700 as AP and it "disappears"

You don't specify how it was setup in AP mode. Hope you didn't use the "shortcut" "Enable AP mode" option Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy Just use the "generic" way of setting a router to become an AP.
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