WNDR3700v1 Antenna Mod. Kits Acutally Improve Signal Transmission & Reception Or Not?


WNDR3700v1 Antenna Mod. Kits Acutally Improve Signal Transmission & Reception Or Not?

Hello. I have a question to ask you.

I own a Netgear WNDR3700v1 router. As I was browsing eBay, I came across various decibel (2dBi, 6dBi, 7dBi, and 9dBi) antenna modification kits for numerous kinds and types of routers and some other home networking equipment. There are several sellers of these antenna mod kits indicating how they improve the wireless transmission and reception by adding high gain external antennas.

Now, I have been researching online regarding the antenna mod kits effectiveness of transmission (range distance) and reception (clarity). I have read from those who have performed the antennas modification that many users have seen little or no change in effective transmission and reception; and in some cases even discovered a weaker wireless range with an antenna modification. Plus for inconsistencies. I have searched and found for my router's antenna mod kits DIFFERENT antenna configurations from different seller's listings. I understand that different decibel gain antennas have different wireless ranges and other properties. For example, as I am told, I know a lower decibel antenna will have a more onmi-directional range in all equal directions when physical obstructions are non-existent; whereas a directional antenna will have a higher decibel for greater distance for improved transmission and reception.

I do NOT feel like performing this antenna modification to my router if it does NOT perform any better than my internal factory antenna. This 'may very well be' a waste of time and money. If it is true that the overall effectiveness established by these antenna modification kits improves the desired transmission and reception for wireless devices -- contrasting that the wireless router's inherent effectiveness is weaker to the router's modified wireless antenna; I will perform the antenna modification. If it is not true; that is the wireless signal demonstrates negligible change, no change, or even worst in transmission and reception with an antenna modification, then I will leave my router alone.

If they do improve a router's transmission and reception, it is evidently clear there is a personal level or desire where the user needs to choose the desired/improved signal transmission and reception from the different decibel mod kits available and best applicable to the router. For your information, I personally desire a balance between the longest or greatest possible signal range, yet maintaining an emphasis on the best possible signal radiation to best achieve near 360 degree equally in all directions too.

NOTE: I am aware any antenna modification will void my router's warranty. That is no issue for me because, the warranty has indeed expired.

So my question to you is:

1. From your own knowledge and expertise, in general does this antenna modification really improve the effective wireless signal transmission and reception or not in contrast to the inherent wireless antennas built-in to the router? Please explain.

2. Considering my personal level or desire for an effective wireless signal transmission and reception I stated above, my Netgear WNDR3700v1 router, and if you believe that antenna modification kits WILL improve signal transmission and reception of my router; then what decibel antenna modification kit would be best to achieve my desired results (2dBi, 6dBi, 7dBi, and 9dBi) in your humble opinion?

Please reply.

Thank you!
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Re: WNDR3700v1 Antenna Mod. Kits Acutally Improve Signal Transmission & Reception Or

I don’t know for sure if there will be any improvement, but would question the effect on the MiMo operation of the router, you will need several antennae for MiMo to stand a chance of operating as designed. You might for example be able to improve communications between the router and a client at a specific location, but what will be the effect at other client locations? Will MiMo continue to function as designed and tested by Netgear?

I’ve used external antennae with other older routers (not MiMo) and have not seen a significant boost in performance that made the cost worthwhile. Personally I would consider other solutions before changing antennae.

I’m sure there will be people who will claim to have seen an improvement, but is that by luck or judgment, or is it a desire to justify their expenditure and brag even though the real improvement might be marginal?
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Re: WNDR3700v1 Antenna Mod. Kits Acutally Improve Signal Transmission & Reception Or

Spend the money on a new router with external antennas. The mods are like putting lipstick on a pig. The signal loss at those frequencies using the mini coax is so great you loose most of the gain the antennas would had added. Typical you need to double the output power to see a 3 db gain.
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