Re: WNDR3700v1 to WNDR3700v3 results in lag.


WNDR3700v1 to WNDR3700v3 results in lag.

My Netgear wndr3700v1's wan port was damaged in an electrical storm, thanks internet provider for not allowing me to ground the cable line, and would only connect at 100Mb instead of 1Gb so I ordered the same router again but ended up with v3. Now for some reason on any connected PC in the house I get lag anytime I try and do anything on the internet. Both routers are configured exactly the same and the lag problem was not present with the Version 1 router. Now I ordered the wndr3700 because I wasn't going to pay $169.99 for the wndr4500 when the 802.11ac routers are coming out but I also wasn't going to buy an 802.11ac router until the spec is finalized. Now could my problem be caused by the different hardware? Do I have a bad router? The electrical surge came through the cable line into cable modem and then into the router but thankfully stopped there. The modem was replaced 2 weeks before the router and the lag wasn't present with the old version 1 router on the new modem. I can send it back and replace it with a new version 3 or a new router completely but I would like some second opinions first.
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Re: WNDR3700v1 to WNDR3700v3 results in lag.

So you have a new modem and a new router?..

I would connect a pc directly to the modem and make sure the lag is not there too..

How big of a lag are we talking about here?
30~ms to 50~ms or something really huge?..

A lot of users on here will not have the v3 (I do not) and specific issues and fixes may be sparse ;(...
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Re: WNDR3700v1 to WNDR3700v3 results in lag.

The problem is not present when directly connected to the modem and I can't give you specifics on the time but I will try when I get home.
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