WNDR3700v2 Unique Problem?

Hey all...

I currently have a Western Digital 500GB external hard drive hooked up to my router that I want to use to stream media to my DNLA TV and my DNLA smartphone. It does not recognize any of the MP3 files that are on it (over 3000), it only recognizes the first 6 MP4 movies on the drive, yet it shows every photo that I've ever taken on it.

Here is the unique situation... when I access the drive via \\readyshare\USB_Storage, it shows every file on the entire hard drive. It allows me to download them over the network, but it will not stream them to my TV or smartphone.

Is there something that I am doing wrong? Is there a file size limitation? I have gone over the settings in the router many times and have even done a full factory reset and started over to no avail.

Anyone care to give me a hand? I would greatly appreciate it.


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Re: WNDR3700v2 Unique Problem?

Even adding grief to this situation, I hooked up a second Western Digital 500GB hard drive (this on is actually on the compatible list) and it only recognizes the first six MP4 files in the movies folder as well.

I then hooked up a WD Passport (1TB) to it. As it has more room, it also houses all my DIVX movies as well. Go figure that the drive would recognize every DIVX file on the drive, but again, only the first six MP4 files in the movies folder.

I am really beginning to get frustrated here :mad: and I am on the verge of returning the router.

Again, anyone have any ideas?
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Re: WNDR3700v2 Unique Problem?

In the router's USB configuration page, have you created a share with read access to "All - no password"? If not, try that.
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