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WNDR4300 Front Panel Light Question

I have a pc connected to port 1, two PS3's connected to port 2 and 3 (respectively) and another pc connected to port 4.

If I turn off each device the router lights go out as they are supposed to except for the port #4 light which stays amber/yellow.

In the manual it says an amber/yellow light means a 10/100 connection is detected on the port.

So does this mean that even when that pc on port 4 is off it is still communicating with/through my router work when it shouldn't be?

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Re: WNDR4300 Front Panel Light Question

Many desktop PCs (as opposed to laptops / tablets etc.) keep the networking interface powered when the PC is shut down, running from the PSU Standby Power. This allows for functions such as Wake On Lan which will power up the PC (if properly configured). So the indication does indeed mean that communication is possible, though it is normal for a gigabit cable network device to drop back to 10/100 operation in that power state.
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