Re: WNDR4300 block sites incomprehensibly


WNDR4300 block sites incomprehensibly


I used my Netgear WNDR4300 with great satisfaction until this time. I upgraded the firmware to the latest version: V1.0.1.60 and from than on I noticed that when I go to the internet to the following URL-s my N750 blocks the connection to these sites below:

If I am using the internet connection without the N750 or with an other router I can open these sites above in my browser. My internet service is Cable based.

In Netgear genie > Advanced > Security > Block sites the keyword blocking sets to Never, under Block Services the Services Blocking = Never also.

I am not using any additional firewall software, only the built in Windows 8.1 firewall, that I have already tried to switch off without success. I have also tried to connect to these sites with other devices without success.

What should I do now?

Waiting for your kind help.

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Re: WNDR4300 block sites incomprehensibly

The WNDR4300 is a good router, but strange things have been happening to users on the v1.0.1.60 firmware. You can try the firmware found in this post, I am using it and so far there are no bugs:
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Re: WNDR4300 block sites incomprehensibly

it has not worked by me! It blocks the connection to the site
Has anyone a solution?
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