WNDR4500 3 of the 4 lights stay amber

I hope you can help me please. I have 2 different OS systems, 2 are Windows 7 and 1 is Vista. We also have an XBOX hooked up to a line. I have Comcast and the modem from them is a UBEE. Now I have had the WNDR4500 hooked up to the UBEE for at least 8 months now and have not had a problem at all until now. Only one computer with an OS 7 stays green with no problems which is plugged into number 3. The next computer with OS 7 stays amber and is plugged into number 1. This computer's internet goes on and off all the time. I need to tell you that this started after the computer was set back to the original settings. The third computer with the OS Vista stays amber and is plugged into number 4. This one has internet connection but I can't get anything to down load, I keep getting a message that I do not have an internet connection. Now this computer had a bad power supply so I put a new one in. So of course I had to disconnect it from everything. The XBOX stays amber and is plugged into number 3. It does not seem to bother the internet connection at all. I have turned off the WNDR4500 and then reset the UBEE modem. I turned back on the WNDR4500 and still had the same problems. Oh I forgot I have my Smart TV that works fine on the WIFI also 3 smart phones. I must be missing something because I have tried everything with the NETGEAR GENIE and still I have the problems. Could you please help? Smiley Very Happy
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Re: WNDR4500 3 of the 4 lights stay amber

Wndr4500 is not R4500

Correct location is
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