WNR 2000 v2 - Logs reporting strange access


WNR 2000 v2 - Logs reporting strange access

Experiencing DoS attacks regularly, which the router appears to be fending off okay.  Updated firmware in December.  Access limited to devices specified by MAC address.  PING and UPnP disabled.  Security checked okay at Gibson's Shields Up website.


Logs however report that in each of the last two weeks, two different computers have accessed the router every 30 seconds for two hours. Is there some reasonable explanation for this, or am I being needlessly paranoid?


Netgear Wireless N300 router aka WNR 2000v2

Firmware Version (North America)



Model: WNR2000|Wireless-N Router
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Re: WNR 2000 v2 - Logs reporting strange access

I should have mentioned that the 2 computers in question are a Windows 7 machine using Microsoft Security Essentials and a MacBook Pro (the OS recently updated to Big Sur) with Avast Premium Security.  No problem updating software and no problem with noticeable slowdowns including streaming media.



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