WNR1000v3 - can't upgrade and I can't connect to xbox live.


WNR1000v3 - can't upgrade and I can't connect to xbox live.

Hello, I have no idea what i'm doing or if this is the right forum for this kind of question. I'm just kind of clicking around..

But I have two questions.
1. How do I get into the site to upgrade my router??? I downloaded the upgrade I just can't get to the site because I always get redirected to this site! I've tried .net, and I tried going to and that just times out.
2. I recently moved to NY, and now we have a cable connection. My netgear worked fine in FL, and when I go on my xbox to attempt to connect, it shows my connection, but when I test it, it doesn't connect to internet and says theres a problem. But it worked fine in FL??? I'm doing the same thing I did then??? Is it because of a cable connection now? And if I manage to upgrade my netgear do you think that will fix it?

As for the upgrade, I just chose the only one that was there for WNR1000v3. Is that going to help me connect to xbl at all???
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Re: WNR1000v3 - can't upgrade and I can't connect to xbox live.

1. turn off the cable modem and unplug ethernet cable
2. wait for few min (5min)
3. turn on the cable modem only and do NOT plug any ethernet cable
4. wait until all the light up on cable modem
5. ONLY after all the light is up. hook up a router behind the cable modem
6. you should able to get public IP from the ISP and it will show up in the router status when you login the router.
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