WNR1000v3 only 72Mbps


WNR1000v3 only 72Mbps


I just purchased a WNR1000v3. I have it setup to go up to 150Mbps. My network utility is only reading out at 72Mbps. I have tried changing settings on it and can't get it to go any faster. I have seen my wireless card get a read out of 108Mbps before. I am working with a MacBookPro5,1. So I don't know if anyone has any suggestions for it or not.

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Re: WNR1000v3 only 72Mbps

I don't know if it could be because there are some legacy devices running on it or not. I don't believe there is though. My wife and I each have Apple Laptops and iPhone 4s's capable of N speeds. There is an old play station plugged in via ethernet and my Wii is turned off so it isn't using the wireless.

I think I may have seen something about the latest firmware causing this issue and not offering the 40mhz band anymore? Could that be the problem? I tried to downgrade the firmware and the router wouldn't let me.

If any other information would be helpful please let me know. I know the computer connects faster as I have seen it do so on other networks.
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Re: WNR1000v3 only 72Mbps


Nobody has any thoughts on this what so ever? Nobody else is getting a lower connection speed then what they are paying for? No fixes what so ever? Please help.
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Re: WNR1000v3 only 72Mbps

You said it yourself... up to 150Mbps. Under ideal conditions you might get 150Mbps connection. Like 10 feet away with no other wireless APs around. The WNDR1000 is the lowest tier router and does not surprise me. Connection rate does not matter if throughput is not there anyway. Wireless transfer speed is about 50% of what your connection speed is anyway. Try disabling WMM in the router to see if that helps.
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Re: WNR1000v3 only 72Mbps

72Mbps also commonly see as neighborhood friendly which router see too many of other wireless router around it can reduce the speed to reduce the conflict.
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