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WNR3500L - firmware updated to 44 07/07/2017

WNR3500L has been online and working perfect (3 years+) until the last couple of weeks when Google started making lots of changes.

I've updated the Firmware to the latest as of 07/07/2017 which I believe to be 44.  I've still got problems.....


The two laptops (ASUS running Debian 8.x (32Bit) & ASUS running Linux Mint Nadia (64 Bit)) are having a terrible time connecting

to any google website (www.google.com), google mail, google drive, or basically anything that involves Google.  I can ping the router

and get a descent response with ping -c 5 and I can ping google and at times there are missing packets of about

10 to 20%.  Treacroute shows a lag in one of the hops. 


I've check and rechecked all the configuration, powered off the router for 30 minutes, reset it, rebooted it, and I still have the same

problems.  Can't connect to server, Server not found, oops I've encountered a problem, Secure Connection Failed,

some Gmail features have failed to load.  When I click on gmail, it takes about 2 minutes for Gmail to get to the login page

so I can insert the password.


As a test I connected direct to my Satellite Modem, and it works 100%.  Same for a borrowed Dlink DIR-835L GB Router with the

same settings as the Netgear WNR3500L.


I'm thinking there is some Firmware problem since I can go to the Vintage computer forum, or other sites and as long as I stay

away from any Google PRODUCT everything works fine.


Has anyone else experienced any such problems with their WNR3500L GB Router?


I can supply Ping captures, video's, setitngs, or any information that is needed to get to the bottom of this problem.

I'm wanting my NETGEAR Router Back ONLINE and WORKING.




Model: WNR3500Lv2|N300 Wireless Gigabit Router|EOL
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Re: WNR3500L - firmware updated to 44 07/07/2017

My exact Firmware and Version are:


Today I went to the BACKUP menu selection and totally erased the setting to default after finding a posting

about this helps to solve some problems.  I also tested the MTU setting with DOS in a Command window to

see what the correct MTU setting was.  ping www.google.com -f -l 1480. 


How to find the proper MTU size for my network - TP-Link


Then I setup my Router with my Hardwared Debian 8.x (32 Bit) Desktop.  I used everything exactly as it was

before and now I'm able to get into gmail after about 10 seconds waiting for the login screen.  The password screen

also takes about 10 seconds.  This is much better than what was previously happening.  But there are still

some lag problems.


My Wife's ASUS Laptop running Linux Mint also seems to work with gmail, but that Laptop takes

2 1/2 minutes to bring up gmail to the login/password page.  Facebook is another weird problem, because she

can never seem to logout.  The page just waits forever, and never logs out.


For now I'm back on the Dlink Router.  Anyone have a clue as to what is going on, and how I can test further?








Model: WNR3500Lv2|N300 Wireless Gigabit Router|EOL
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Re: WNR3500L - firmware updated to 44 07/07/2017

Welcome to the community, @ldkraemer


Try to downgrade the firmware and see if you'll experience the same thing. 

In this way, we can isolate if it's a firmware problem or hardware. 

You may download previous firmware versions here

NETGEAR Community Team
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Re: WNR3500L - firmware updated to 44 07/07/2017

OK, I tried going back two revisions to the 38 Version of Firmware.  Same Problem with long connect times for Google

It over 2 Minutes churning to get to www.google.com.  Once I got there I clicked on Google Drive while I counted,

1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, ....1138,1139, 1140 and then google drive came up.


It takes over two minutes to get back to www.google.com from mail.google.com.


I guess it's just a defective Router, but it would be interesting if you sent me an RMA # and took this Router to disect

to find out what is going on with it.  There has to be an internal problem, and I suspect you have a long case history

file for this type problem on this Model.  I can't be the only customer that always ends up picking the wrong box when

I make a purchase.


Now the real question is, "Do I take a chance with another NetGear Router, and get Snake Bit, or Do I switch Brands?"





Model: WNR3500Lv2|N300 Wireless Gigabit Router|EOL
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NETGEAR Employee Retired

Re: WNR3500L - firmware updated to 44 07/07/2017

@ldkraemer I suggest that you follow the steps from the link below on how to get an RMA.


How do I request a Return Material Authorization (RMA)?



NETGEAR Community Team
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