WNR3500L (stock) & ReadyShare password issue

Hello all,

I recently purchased a WNR3500L and am very happy with it thus far.
I have *not* changed from the stock Netgear firmware (aside from upgrading to latest revision).
Thus far, all the features of the router work as expected, with the exception of ReadyShare.

Specifically, I have attached a Seagate 2TB external drive to the router (which recognizes the device per the webGUI).
The challange is the permissions applied to the device for sharing over a network.
I have the disk share presented wide open "All - no password" for read & write.
When I attempt to access the share (via direct network reference or via HTTP) I get prompted for a username and password.
I have attempted the credentials I use for the router admin itself, however this is not accepted.
I have also switched the permissions to use the "admin" user, but this is not accepted either.

Please consider and advise on what steps may be taken to resolve this matter?
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Re: WNR3500L (stock) & ReadyShare password issue

I have the same issue! I cant access my attached USB hard drive, it always asks for username and password - but I have "All - no password" for read and write access, too. When I change to admin, Im trying with username admin and with password (my router password). No luck. Please help! :confused:
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