WNR834B problem


WNR834B problem

Hi I hope someone can help me. I am trying to provide some remote assistance to my parents who are beyond travelling distance. They have a broadband connection supplied by Virgin Media (in UK), which is connected to a cable modem supplied by Virgin Media, and thence to a Netgear WNR834B router.

They have a desktop PC that is hardwired to the router, and which has no problems.

They also have a laptop (Windows 7) which connects wirelessly to the internet through the router. At least it connected fine until a few days ago.

The laptop now cannot connect to the Internet. We ran the Windows Network Diagnostic utility and it came up with the following message:

"Windows Network Diagnostics
Troubleshooting has completed
Unable to automatically fix problems found
Problems found:
Wireless network connection does not have a valid IP configuration
Not Fixed."

At this point I am lost: How to fix it?

Any ideas?

I am not sure what caused the problem. I can only speculate but it may have been a recent program update to Avast antivirus, which happened at about that time and which nor reports that realtime shields are down (and won't go up again).

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Re: WNR834B problem

Ah - problem fixed. Nothing to do with the router.

Slight bug in latest version of Avast (7.0.1451): If you uncheck the option to "use fast checksums" in the firewall policy settings it kicks you off the internet. No doubt will be fixed later.
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