WPN824v2 WiFi signal dies after some time


WPN824v2 WiFi signal dies after some time

I'm experiencing a weird problem with device in subject: after a variable time between a couple of hours and one day, WiFi signal simply disappears, connected devices loose their connection and signal never comes back. Gone.

No problems however with wired connections: i can browse the net, read mail, write this post and even access router's admin interface and it even tells me that both "Wireless AP" and "Broadcast Name" are "ON", but this is not true. Even wireless icon on device blinks green.

Scanning WiFi frequency with different devices and different softwares (2 notebooks and a smartphone) shows no result besides neighbor networks.

There are no near networks or microwave sources that could "hide" my signal.
No other networks use my same channel. Moving to another channel doesn't help.

The only way to bring WiFi signal back is to unplug power for about 1 minute. After plugging power, WiFi signal is back on.... until next time.

Thanks for your help.


RangeMax Wireless Router WPN824v2
Hardware Version: V2H1
Firmware Version: V2.0.26_1.2.17
Mode: Auto 108Mbps
Security: WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES]

P.S.: one more weird thing. Clicking the "Check for New Version from the Internet" -> "Check" button on "Router Upgrade" page always returns a failure: "Unable to get latest version information"... why?
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Re: WPN824v2 WiFi signal dies after some time

change power supply and see. weak power supply can kill internal wireless or worn out unit of either
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