Re: What is running on TCP port 32764?


What is running on TCP port 32764?

I just happened to do a scan on my router and I noticed port 32764 is open but not on the port forward/trigger list.
Upon further investigation, I found that no machine on the LAN was providing it but the router itself, on both the local interface ( and the public interface (confirmed by a port scan on a remote server).

If no traffic is sent through a connection, the router closes the connection after exactly 10.00 seconds.
If traffic is sent (I tried: Telnet \r\n, 1 byte of 0x00, SMTP HELO, or HTTP connection request), then this is returned followed by a remote termination:
53 63 4D 4D FF FF FF FF 00 00 00 00
ascii: "ScMM" four 0xFF four 0x00

I have a WPNT834, with remote management turned off, UPnP disabled, and no DMZ.
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Re: What is running on TCP port 32764?
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Re: What is running on TCP port 32764?

And 3 year later...

Have you known this you could of sold this information on to the black market lol
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Re: What is running on TCP port 32764?

And yesterday my DGND4000 got new firmware to patch this very issue!

Better late than never 😞
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Re: What is running on TCP port 32764?

Hello there.

Just to let you know that I performed the firmware update on my D6200 that is supposed to take care of this issue on the TCP port 32764.

Well it looks like the update impacted my 5GHz WiFi band. I have tried to contact Netgear and their answer was that my equipment is out of warranty!!!

I was expecting a more professional answer here since the firmware created a defect in my equipment.

So be careful if you apply this ridiculous update.
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