Which router also provides VPN compatibility?


Which router also provides VPN compatibility?

I'm looking for a recommendation to solve a forthcoming question.

I manage three sites, and each one has ADSL over a BT phone line. All three have a DG834G modem/router, and I specifically use the VPN function within them to allow computers on the three subnets to communicate.

However, we're adding a fourth site which will be connected via cable internet, and I need to procure another Netgear router which has the same VPN capability as the DG834G, but needs to be a cable modem/router, rather than an ADSL modem/router.

Which model would you recommend that can handle this task?

And I cannot consider replacing all of them, so the new one must work with the existing ones.

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Re: Which router also provides VPN compatibility?

there isn't one that support with cable. you will need to to get proafe routers and hook up behind the cable modem

you can check DGND3700 has VPN. if it does, there here WAN ports as well so you able to use that
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