Re: Which routers have remote management?


Which routers have remote management?

I am not a stupid person but I just spent 30 minutes searching netgear's sales garbage and came up empty on my question. I am setting up a residential camera systems in a customer's vacation home that is geographically remote and I would like to administer the router without a 7 hr drive. 

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Re: Which routers have remote management?

All of their routers should support remote management.  You'll have better luck confirming this by looking through the user manuals.  Go to, enter the model number that you are interested in and download the User Manual.



You probably already know this, but enabling remote management carries some risk.  The only thing protecting it from being hacked is the password, so be sure to use a really strong one.  I recommend using one at least 12 characters or longer.



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Re: Which routers have remote management?

In this instance, the only thing in the network is going to be 2 cameras and a stick PC loaded with logmein for remote management and nothing else.


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