Wifi connecting fine, but 2.4Ghz dropping internet, 5Ghz stays online


Wifi connecting fine, but 2.4Ghz dropping internet, 5Ghz stays online

I have a unique issue and I am things similar in the forums, but not this specific scenario.   I am using a WNDR4500 router (with the latest firmware - v1.0.1.40_1.0.68) connected to a cable modem.  I have multiple devices connected to my router, all of which show this issue.   The problem I have is:

- I am connected to the 2.4Ghz wifi

- frequently (at least 2x per hour), my internet drops on my connection

- the oddity is that:

   1.  other devices connected to the same 2.4Ghz don't lose internet connection

    2. anything connected to 5.0Ghz does not lose connection

   3.  the cable modem (logs) show no drop of connection


As I said, this happens on my multiple devices (Lenovo Yoga 900 running windows 10, Chamberlain MyQ hub, Petzi wifi camera, Arlo camera hub), but not at the same time - e.g,, the Arlo hub loses connection to the interner (not the router), but everything esle is fine;  my laptop loses connection to the internet (again, still connected to router), but everything else is fine.


I have used utilities to find the channel with the least amouunt of activity near me to minimize any interference, but I still have the problem.  

I have also verified (on my laptops) that I have the most current drivers.


Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to solve this.   It is a HUGE issue as I run a consulting business from my home, and having a webex drop mid presentation is NOT acceptable.


Any guidance is greatly appreciated!!!




Model: WNDR4500|N900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router|EOL
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Re: Wifi connecting fine, but 2.4Ghz dropping internet, 5Ghz stays online

Welcome to the community, @NCStater


How far are your problematic devices from the router? 

Did you try moving one closer and see if it will still disconnect? 

What are the other devices that are not experiencing the problem? 

Did you try reinstalling the firmware of the router? 

How about if you downgrade the firmware? Will you have the same problem? 

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