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Wireless AP mode

Hi all, just a quick question about Wireless AP mode before I go unplugging and plugging and changing things that'll take me forever to remember how I had it setup in the first place. Smiley Tongue

When the router is in Wireless AP mode, do the LAN ports (wired ones) act as a switch also, or are they disabled? :confused:

Asking because I am currently using the router as a switch and wireless repeater, using up 1 of the LAN ports for connection to my main router. and I could really do with having that port, as I have gained another device to plug in. :rolleyes:

If not I suppose the Laptop will have to start going wireless. :eek:

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Re: Wireless AP mode

The first thing I suggest that you do is use the router maintenance options to back up your current configuration, then any changes that don’t go to plan can be easily recovered.

In AP mode all LAN ports operate as normal and provide wired access to your LAN.
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