Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000

Excuse my possible "misplacement" of this post, new forum member, totally overwhelmed by the names of different forums, not sure where I should be posting this. Maybe my router is out of date and that's why I don't see it anywhere? I'm not exactly well-versed in tech vocabulary. That said, I am capable for following instructions to get things set up on my computer.

I am trying to get a wireless connection on my laptop. When I called Comcast they transferred me to some company that said they want $50 to do this remotely for me. I know they've helped with this in the past without my paying for it. Where can I find directions to do this myself?

I find my wireless network name with my laptop, try to connect to it, it asks for a security code. I tried the "security pin" on the back of the router which is an eight digit number, it does not work. I tried a password that I think I created, it doesn't work. I don't know if it wants a password I created and if it does I forgot it! So I get the message: "Network Security Key Mismatch". Also, it said "you can connect by pushing the button on the router".

I'm going to push the button now but I wanted to post this first for fear of losing connection on my desktop computer too. I'll go push the button now.

Also, I'm going to go look for an owners manual online for this router but I thought I would try here to see if someone could give me instructions.

Maybe I need to learn more about computers and be more sefl-sufficient?
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Re: Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000

If you are being asked for a wireless ‘security code’ then this means that the wireless settings in your router have encryption included. If you connect your computer to the router via an Ethernet cable then you can look at the router wireless settings to see what the encryption passphrase or ‘security code’ as you call it is set to. You will need to log into the router, and the method to do this is best described in the manual. But if you did not set the wireless encryption and someone else did, then they may have also changed the router login password, and you can’t change or check stings until you log in.

Follow this link to get to your manual;
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Re: Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000

Thank you, Andy. I did find the manual for this router but thanks for the link.

I won't be able to work on this until later today or tomorrow. I just hope that everything goes back to "default" and any security keys/passwords that were added by me or the company that Comcast contracts with are gone. I also found a glossary, which is another 41 pages, figure I might learn a few things here. I'll keep you posted as to my success.
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Re: Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000

Take your time, you don’t need to read every page to make your router secure, concentrate on wireless encryption (try to use WPA2) and set a password for router admin access (that’s two different types of security). Remember to write them down, and if your router is physically secure i.e. you trust people who are able to pick it up, then put a sticky label on the bottom with the wireless SSID / passphrase, and router login password. Do all this from a wired connection to avoid loss of communication when you set the wireless passphrase.
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