Wireless network speeds painfully slow

I am running an R6250 right now with a media server that is connected via Ethernet and a WD Mycloud that is also connected via Ethernet. I have no speed issues with those devices. My home pc, however, is connected via 5Ghz AC network. Windows tells me that I am connected to the router anywhere between 150 mpbs - 250 mbps.

Whenever I attempt to transfer files to and from my media server and mycloud (which are connected via wire) and my home pc that is connected wirelessly, I get ridiculously slow speeds. I would say it averages at 850 kbps. My home pc has a brand new mini-pci intel wireless ac card. I replaced the factory installed one because I thought it was defective. Both cards achieved the same lame transfer rate.

Does anyone have a thought on what is causing this?
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Re: Wireless network speeds painfully slow

Any chance you can test with the PC wired to the network for comparison? Do you have a second wireless PC where you could run a client/server throughput test using something like iPerf or Netstress?
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Re: Wireless network speeds painfully slow

I checked mine and my speed wired is 90mbs, wireless 10mbs

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