Wndr 3300 v1


Wndr 3300 v1

Man am i stupid..... I was having problems with the range on my router a couple days ago, always had fair range (150ft). I asked for help at NetGear and they suggested an upgrade and $100 charge(cant afford). Now tried it myself and messed things up good. I've spent 4 days tring to find a solutions through threads. Have no idea on how to get back were i started... except for factory default.. Can someone bring this wireless signal back to life... Will mow your lawn for a month
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Re: Wndr 3300 v1

except for factory default

Did you reset to factory defaults? If so, log in to the router interface:

- Open IE and browse to,

- Type admin for username, and password for password,
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Re: Wndr 3300 v1

Sorry, I hit submit in error before I was finished. To continue:

- on the left pane of the GUI that opens, click on the Wizard. this should guide you through re-setting all the configurations.

- Use the same (identical) SSID, security/encryption you were using before. This will make it easier for your devices to reconnect to the previous profile.

To make things clearer, browse to and download the manuals for your router. Read the manual's set-up instructions and follow them step by step. You should get through fairly easily once you take your time and ensure you don't deviate or miss out anything.
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