Wrong firmware update, unable to reset


Wrong firmware update, unable to reset

Router: WGT624v3
Problem: I was having several issues with the router's wireless dropping internet activity and forcing me to continually reset it, so I went to upgrade the firmware, and looking at the bottom of the router where it states "WGT624 (v2.1)" I assumed it meant that the hardware version was also 2. I uploaded the firmware for the WGT624v2 router and now I am unable to reset the firmware and upload the WGT624v3 firmware. I do not have access to the cd that came with the router, hence I cannot use the firmware recovery ultility. If there is any other way of reseting the firmware or possibly accessing just that ultility it would be appreciated.

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Re: Wrong firmware update, unable to reset

You have brick the unit loading v3 on v2 router , should not have loaded but here

Try TFTP method and if still fails then you are looking to replace the router
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