blocking keywords suddenly stopped working

for Netgear WGT624v3.

12 months ago my kids were on facebook too much so i set that and more as keywords in block sites. it worked a treat, either as schedule or always on.
anyway over the summer i turned it to block never.

they are starting to Facebook too much again.
my problem is that I now want to turn it back on, but when i do, either by schedule or always, it doesnt block the sites i chose.
All the settings are exactly as they were 6 months ago when it worked.

it has me baffled. can anybody think what might have changed to stop blocking from working?
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Re: blocking keywords suddenly stopped working

When the router acts strange like this, it may help to:

(1) Reset the router to factory defaults. Do this either via the pinhole reset button or the GUI if there is that option. Follow the instructions in the Manual for your router (which you can download).

(2) Re-enter all your settings manually. It may be possible to export and import a .cfg file of all your setting too. If you prefer to try the latter, ensure that you export the file to somewhere like your desktop before resetting the router.

(3) A 3rd suggestion that have worked for some persons when their router acts "strangely" is to re-install the same firmware.
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Re: blocking keywords suddenly stopped working

Hard rest the router and manually configure it,

I would not suggest to use router backup config. You may import bad config

Also see opendns to use their filter system as well
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