conecting to wired devices on DG834GU via WNDR4500


conecting to wired devices on DG834GU via WNDR4500

I have a DG835GU wireless modem router with a wired network printer, a wired NAS drive and a wireless printer connected to it.

I have connected a WNDR4500 to the above modem router by wire.
When I make a wireless connection from my laptop to the WNDR450 internet access via the DG835GU works perfectly. My problem is that I am unable to see, let alone connect to any of the devices connected to the DG835GU.

It is probably aparent that I am no network wizzard so I was hoping someone may be able to help me get connected to the printers and nas drive. Moving the devices from the DG835GU to the WNDR4500 is not an option that is available to me.

Look forward to any help I can get.

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Re: conecting to wired devices on DG834GU via WNDR4500

put DG in modem mode and use 4500 as your main

you will need to put authentication for you ISP under basic setting if you are using PPPoE account
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