confused --- do I need a new router?

This seems like a lame question but I'm confused.


I have an older Netgear Rangemax router that delivers up to 150Mbps. 


We have cable modem service --- up to 20mbps downstream.


I notice that Time-Warner only offers services up to 50Mbps ---- so why would I ever need to upgrade my Rangemax WiFi router?  I mean, there's only a max of 20mbps coming into our home...  


In our home we have a max of 4 people using the internet. I don't have range/coverage issues.  But all the new routers and promotions out there are for "5GHz" with speeds up to1300Mbps or more.  


Am I correct that those are useless/pointless for me since we have limiting cable modem downstream services?


Thank you!!!!




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Re: confused --- do I need a new router?

If all your activities are Internet based then you currently don’t need anything faster than 20Mbps, and no faster than 50Mbps if you change to that service.


People with faster/newer routers benefit from;


  • Faster LAN-LAN transfers, say for example you have a network storage device (NAS) then file transfers over your LAN could be very important, you might in that case want a gigabit (wired) capable router with fast WiFI
  • ReadyShare, many Netgear routers (not just high end) support the attachment of USB drives as a central data store and again in that case a fast LAN-LAN transfer would be useful
  • DLNA media server, the attachment of a USB device allows the router to operate as a media server, and again a fast LAN is a benefit there
  • 5GHz band, in areas where the 2.4GHz is subject to high contention (lots of local users) or interference from non-networking devices, 5GHz can be an excellent work around
  • Newer models tend to have more frequent firmware updates, older models may be end-of-line and not subject to regular updates


So if you have no need for those features, then you are quite right in thinking ‘why change?’.

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