Re: dgdn3300v2 wireless stability issues


dgdn3300v2 wireless stability issues


Have a dgdn3300v2 with the latest firmware (Australia) and while the Ethernet and ADSL connections are perfect I am finding the wireless very poor.

Seems to work ok when it is just me (on mac on N) however when I have two more Macs, 1 Windows and a linux machine the connection is both very slow and drops out continuously. The other error I get from the macs is "connection timed out".

Have tried the following;

- Force everything on G
- Set N to 150 dual band
- Set N to single band

Has made no difference.

Should I revert to an older firmware?


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Re: dgdn3300v2 wireless stability issues

It can't hurt to try it and see.
I am in no way affiliated with Netgear other than as a consumer. Anything I advise may break your router and void your warranty.
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Re: dgdn3300v2 wireless stability issues

Seems to be an issue of numbers of machines connected at once.

If only 2xG and 1xN connection everything is stable. Add 2 more N's and the routers packs it bags and heads home.

What is the normal limitation in regards to concurrent connections?
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Re: dgdn3300v2 wireless stability issues

It really depends on what you mean by a ‘connection’. Devices associate with the router, they typically pick up their IP address, then do more or less nothing until they need network data from somewhere. I for example have two network radios permanently associated with the router (always visible in a network scan) but until I power them on negligible data passes between them and the router.

So, you should be able to ‘connect’ any number up to the DHCP address limit, but for practical purposes if all devices need to access the network at the same time then the limit will be much less. I don’t believe that what you want to connect should stress the router at all, and something else is wrong other than a device numbers limit.
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Re: dgdn3300v2 wireless stability issues

is it ok with just N devices if so it would seem that the connection is dropping a bit to mutch when the g devices are on and the router has to keep switching between G and N
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Re: dgdn3300v2 wireless stability issues

Even with just N devices I have issues.

The usages is three mac laptops being used for mail / browsing, 1 Win7 machine and 1 printer doing not much.
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