gpl source code

cant seem to get the version for the dgn2000 all im getting a a message about if i want it on a flash drive
this is the page with them all and

here is the link to the dgn2000
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Re: gpl source code

Any one got a link to th netgear FTP then as i cant seem to find it
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Re: gpl source code

found the ftp server it below but still got only the release version on it arnt they supposed to give links to all firmwares that use gpl code and that is all of them basically you would think they would release them now as the dgn200 is end of life
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Re: gpl source code

For questions or concerns about NETGEAR's Open Source code, contact NETGEAR at 'Attn: Open Source Software, NETGEAR, Inc., 350 E Plumeria Dr, San Jose, CA 95134' or at ''.

At the bottom of the page at GPL, this info exist.

forum will do less for you on GPL that is not listed or available.

Contact netgear directly on this
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