help me with my range


help me with my range

I have a N600, wndr3400 router which works fine on my 2 wired computers. But my laptop and other wireless "Gateway " desktop computer i can't leave the room where router is or i loose signal. Bestbuy geek squad said i can change my bandwidth to fix this problem. Can someone walk me through this step by step as i am a plug and play guy and thats it.

My kids need your help.

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Re: help me with my range

loosing the quickly means few thing. you have other wireless network around you that causing the interference issues.

I would look the surrounding and see if there any other network that is causing issues. find the best channel 1,6,11,13 for the choice

also placement of the router close to OTHER emitting devices can cause the router range as well.

also make sure that you are using 2.4Ghz and not 5Ghz if those wifi devices that has problem is DUAL band capable which you may choose to use 5ghz.

nature of frequency makes 2.4Ghz to be better change over 5Ghz.
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Re: help me with my range

Hi Jeff,

I see you got here as advised.

I also see that June has already made some very useful suggestions that you can try if you know how.

Reading between the lines of your PM, I figure you aren't much of a tech type of person but we'll try to help.

1) To begin with, when you first set up your router, assuming you followed the Installation Guide that came with your router, you would have seen the options to assign your own SSIDs (network names) to each band. You would have also been given the option to change various other factory defaults. Did you do this? I need to get this clarified since in your PM to me you indicated that you are a plug-n-play kind of person. There are certain factory defaults that must be changed, at the very minimum, to ensure your network is secure.

2) Next, the WNDR3400 is a dual band router, meaning it gives you 2 networks - one on the 2.4GHz band, and one on the 5GHz band. I need to know which band your wireless devices are connected to - can you tell?

3) Also, is your home multi-storeyed or is it all on one level? If it is multi-storey then place the router lying down with the dome button facing up; otherwise attach the 2 "feet" it came with and place the router standing upright. This is to ensure you are getting the best signal from your router depending on your home's layout.

I'll just await your reply before proceeding further since I don't want to add to any confusion you may be facing.
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