initial setup remotely


initial setup remotely

My sister is older and technologically challenged. I've convinced her to let me bring her into the 21st century (or possibly the 20th century lol). I just bought her a Netgear WNDR3400 wireless router. She lives in FL & I live in IN so I can't just hop over there to help her set up the router.


My question;


Is it possible for me to set up the router on my computer, save the settings then ship the router to her, email the back-up file and basically make the router "plug & play" where she would connect the router & it would be ready to use? Would she even need to use the back-up file for initial set-up on her computer or would it truly be "plug & play". If not, what additional steps wouod she need to take to set it up? I'm trying to make this as simple/easy as possible for her. Her computer is very old and very slow. She'll be getting a Surface Pro 3 shortly and this will render her computer irrelevent but I'll have to get the router up & running first. She currently has a cable modem with Bright House as her ISP.


Any assistance is appreciated.

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Re: initial setup remotely

I would use Team Viewer, Go To Meeting or Assist to log into her machine now.  Then log into her cable modem.  If its merely a cable modem (no routing capability) then you can easily set up her new router for DHCP and have her connect it between her modem and PC.  She won't need to do anything except power cycle the devices.  I do this all the time for people.


If her current modem is also a router, then it should be put into bridge mode, prior to introducing the router.  Again, this can be done moments before the new hardware is intorduced into her environment, so she won't be without internet till the router arrives.


If shes using a cable modem without routing capability, he machine is likely getting pounded with attacks.  Getting a router to her sooner rather than later is advised.    

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