iphones will not download apps or updates on wi-fi.

Just purchased Orbi RBK50 today and successfully set up router and satellite.

Wifi quality fantastic.

But completely unable to install Orbi app on iPhone 6S or on iPad.

Connected to Apple app store, selected Orbi app, put in Apple ID password which is accepted ("Done" with a tick), but then the Orbi app label keeps resetting to "Get" rather than actually downloading and installing.

Have rebooted iPhone multiple times; never had a similar problem in last 10 years or so.Tried installing another app and that was successful without any probelms at all. retried Orbi again, and still can't install. 

Would appreciate any advice.


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Re: iphones will not download apps or updates on wi-fi.

Im having the same issue with the RBR50, i was able to download the APP on my iPhone XS however when I try to download other apps, or update apps, it will simply tell me (Unable to Download App), when I hit retry I get the same result. Once I go over to my other Netgear wireless router, presto, it works fine and can download all the apps my heart desires. 

The router does work fine with my laptops, and other computer, but for whatever reason it doesnt like my iPhone. I am tempted to take this product back for this reason alone, as the frustration levels are giving me heartburns. 

Anyone else have this issue, or were able to find a setting to resolve or workaround? 

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